Mukhul 'Ibādah Li Ahli al-Sulūk (Hardcover)


Mukhul 'Ibādah Li Ahli al-Sulūk (Hardcover)


Risalatul Haq: A Discussion About Old Age and Death is a short thesis written by Habib Ali bin Isa bin Abdulkader Alhadad in the 1970s. Now translated for the first time in English. Edited by Habib Ali’s son, Abdulkader Alhadad (editor and publisher of Treatise on Discipline in the Path of The Seeker (Risalatul Murid)) .

Title: Risalatul Haq min Hadyi Sayyidul Haq Jam’uhu ( رسالة الحق من هدي سيد الحق جمعه )
Author: Habib ‘Ali bin ‘Isa bin ‘Abdulkader Alhaddad
Dimension:14.6cm x 21cm 
Pages: 84 pages


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