The Prayer of Sayyidina al Faqih al Muqaddam


Ayatul Kifayah


End and Beginning of Year Supplications taken from Kanz Najah wa Surur Fi Ad’iyyah al-lati Tasyrah ash-Shudur of Shaykh ‘Abdul Hamid Qudus.

End of Year Supplication
It is mentioned that whoever reads this dua (the end of year supplication) 3 times (on the last day of the year i.e. this year before Salat-ul-Maghrib), then the Shaytan says concerning him/her “We have tired ourselves with him/her the entire year, and he/she has ruined our efforts, in one moment” and he throws dust upon his face!”

Beginning of Year Supplication
It is said whosoever supplicated with this supplication on the 1st day of muharram-ul-haraam, then the Shaytan will say ‘He/She has protected his/her soul for the remainder of his/her life because Allah (swt) orders to Angels to protect him/her from Shaytaan.’

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